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. Advanced Flow Solutions by Brooks Instrument

Brooks flow meters and flow controllers are a proven solution for measurement and control challenges. With more than 60 years of experience, Brooks brings Coriolis mass flow, thermal mass flow, variable area and pressure control technologies to improve your critical processes.

For any industry, a partnership with Brooks is an investment in reliability, repeatability, accuracy, and performance.

Flow Meters and Flow Controllers

At Brooks Instrument, we look at each customer’s unique needs, apply the right combination of technologies and provide turnkey installation and integration assistance on a global basis. Brooks provides an array of flow measurement and flow control products for dozens of industries from pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, fuel cell research and chemicals, to medical devices, analytical instrumentation, semiconductor manufacturing and more.

System & Integrated Solutions

  • Coriolis Mass Flow
  • Thermal Mass Flow
  • Variable Area Flow (Purgemeters)
  • Level Measurement
  • Pressure Products
  • Precision Valves
  • Flow Controllers
  • Oval Gear Meters
5850E Mass Flow Controller 1350/1355 Sho-Rate 4800 Serials Mass Flow Controlle